Grassroots governance

In a culmination of the grassroots governance DFA is founded upon, delegates from each of the Cooperative’s seven Areas convened during Annual Meeting’s General Session on Wednesday to discuss and vote on the 2019 proposed resolutions. The resolutions were initially proposed through their districts, then compiled and voted on by Area delegates and were presented by the Corporate Resolutions Committee to delegates for the final vote at Annual Meeting.

This year, Vice Chairman and Northeast Area Council Chairman Jerrel Heatwole opened the voting session and introduced the proposed resolutions. The delegates discussed several resolutions during the meeting before voting. 

One of the topics discussed was a resolution regarding the base/excess guidelines approved by the Board of Directors. When introducing the proposed resolution, Senior Vice President of Government, Industry and Community Relations Jackie Klippenstein reviewed the year-long process behind the guidelines, which began at Annual Meeting 2018 and ended with a vote in the 2019 resolutions session. 

Jackie noted that regardless of how the delegates voted, the process truly embodied the Cooperative’s grassroots governance. “I think you should be proud that this issue started and ended with this body,” she said. After robust discussion among the delegates, the resolution passed.

Other proposed resolutions that passed included topics like supporting proper cooling of all milk products being served through school milk programs and immigration reform. 

After the delegates voted on all proposed resolutions, the business of the Cooperative, and the 21st Annual Meeting, convened.