Chairman’s report

More than 1,500 farmer-owners, guests and staff were in attendance for this year’s Annual Meeting, which kicked off with Chairman of the Board Randy Mooney, who presented the 2019 Chairman’s report.

Speaking to the crowd, Randy shared his appreciation for the continued cooperation between partners, staff and our DFA member dairy producers in an ever-changing, dynamic industry.

“The dairy value chain has many links — all of which are essential in connecting our farms to consumers across the country and around the world,” he said. “Understanding and supporting each other makes us all stronger — individually … and together as an industry.”

He also shared his vision for DFA’s current and future leadership in the greater dairy industry, and how we all can contribute to and engage in the billion-person global dairy community by stepping outside of our comfort zones and working together as one united team.

“Sitting in this room today and reflecting on who we are as a Cooperative and hearing who we aspire to become, I hope you find that now is the time to step past the gate. To come inside the fence. To commit to working together to help realize the full potential of the U.S. dairy industry.”

For DFA, our 2019 strategic plan will play an integral role in how we “open up the gates and engage.” We will use it as our guide, as we continue to grow, evolve and succeed as a Cooperative, Randy explained.

“This means creating connections locally where we live and work, across the United States and increasingly around the world,” Randy said. “This is how we succeed as a Cooperative. This is how we win as an industry. This is how we deliver value to our family farm-owners — our DFA members. Our strategy exists for and because of the family farmers who own DFA.”

Our 2019 strategic plan is about making informed choices and setting our priorities. It is a reflection of maintaining a strong member focus. And it is built on the foundation of our mission, vision and values: integrity, quality, passion and community.

This is how we succeed as a Cooperative. This is how we win as an industry. This is how we deliver value to our family-farm owners — our DFA members.
— Randy Mooney, Chairman of the Board

“These core values define DFA as farmer-owned and member-focused. They reflect who we are as dairy producers and who we aspire to be as a Cooperative. They create the foundation for communicating with consumers through the DFA brand and through our local brands. Consumers who want to know who makes their food. Consumers who trust you — the farmer,” he said.

Randy concluded by reiterating the value gained through united leadership for our members, the dairy industry and the global market.

“We can no longer be patient and wait for everyone to be comfortable. The cost of inaction is too high,” he said. “We are in a fight for our right to farm. It is a fight we can, should and will win. It is a fight we are prepared for. And it is a fight that starts at the farm.”